A customizable sidekick for your cat - and couch!

Cat scratching is normal. Ruined furniture shouldn’t be.


A stylish solution to a major problem
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How to order your Cat-e-Corner

Got a sofa? Got a cat?

We've got your solution! We love our cats, but we love our furniture too! Our Cat-e-Corner lets your feline friend scratch away to their heart's content while saving your couch from inevitable destruction.
Build Your Cat-e-Corner

No matter your style, Cat-e-Corner has your covered

We know every couch is unique, just like your cat! With a choice of two distinct woods and beautiful scratch material patterns, you're sure to find the perfect fit.
Build Your Cat-e-Corner

Additional mat styles

Refresh your home’s look

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately no, as the table would stick up over the sofa arm

Yes! They are easily removed via Velcro. We will be releasing more mat varieties later this year.

Very! We've never had a drink spill while our test pilots have used it (they are 13-15 lbs.)

Measure from the floor to the top of your sofa arm.

If your measurement is:

  • 22.5”-25” (57 - 63.5 cm) - no riser
  • 25”-27” (63.5 - 68.5cm) - add a 2” riser
  • 27” + (68.5+ cm) - add a 4” riser

Why we're different.

<1% Plastic packaging

We're tired of packing peanuts too, which is why we opted for honeycomb cardboard to protect our products in transit.

Sustainably sourced

Our hardwood is sustainably sourced from American forests.

Built to last

We chose the highest quality materials, with no particle or chipboard, and no veneer or laminate.

Modular and customizable

With different woods, mats, and modular sizing, Cat-e-Corner is customizable to fit your couch and style.

Reviews from cat parents worldwide

As an interior designer, I appreciate a nice looking side table and love the clever dual function cat scratcher.  This well-made table is constructed with a solid wood top and base and durable plywood structure under the scratching surface.  The construction, adjustability, and replaceable scratching pads make this a table that will last, and the clean design works well with any aesthetic.  What a great solution to an otherwise scratched up sofa!”  -Elizabeth

“Cat-e-Corner lets your feline friend scratch away to their heart's content while saving your couch from inevitable destruction." -Sheila