The Cat-e-Corner Story

Hilde & Phil, creator of Cat-e-Corner, is dedicated to offering cat owners a stylish and functional solution to a common problem—cat scratching. Founded by designer Jeremy, Hilde & Phil is named after his two beloved cats, who inspired him to create furniture that provides both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Our mission at Hilde & Phil is to create exceptional furniture that enhances the lifestyle of pet owners while offering unmatched comfort and utility for their furry friends. Our designs are built to last and provide a sustainable alternative to frequently-replaced pet furniture. We're excited that you're here to join in our vision of stylish pet-friendly homes.

Why we're different.

<1% Plastic packaging

We're tired of packing peanuts too, which is why we opted for honeycomb cardboard to protect our products in transit.

Built to last

We chose the highest quality materials, with no particle or chipboard, and no veneer or laminate.

Sustainably sourced

Our hardwood is sustainably sourced from American forests.

Modular and customizable

With different woods, mats, and modular sizing, Cat-e-Corner is customizable to fit your couch and style.