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Unfortunately no, because the table of the Cat-e-Corner would be taller than the sofa arm.

Yes! We use velcro to keep the mats in place, and when you’re ready for a fresh look, simply pull one off and replace it with a new mat. You can shop our latest mat designs here.

Our 13-15 lb test pilots love using the Cat-e-Corner, and we’ve never had a drink spill while they are using it.

Measure from the floor to the top of your sofa arm.

If your measurement is:

  • 22.5”-25” (57 - 63.5 cm) - no riser
  • 25”-27” (63.5 - 68.5cm) - add a 2” riser
  • 27” + (68.5+ cm) - add a 4” riser

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